Q: Where can I download Pixel Tennis?
A: There is no available of download of Pixel Tennis yet as it is not released. Developing this game takes its time. Unfortunatly, I can not work like 8 hours per day on this project. In order to have a good overview of the progress, visit the following post.

Q: Where can I register for this game?
A: Sign up at this forum. The forum account will serve as the login for the Pixel Tennis gameserver. It might be possible that a certain registration date or post count is required to log in ;)

Q: How can I support you?
A: There are many ways to support this project.
  • Tell other people about this project
  • Be active on pixeltennis.de
  • Contribute to the project by watching the support area or donating

Q: How is Pixel Tennis going to be financed?
Pixel Tennis is a private project that I am working on my free time. It is planned to keep it as cost effective as possible, so that I can pay for servers and required software by myself.
If developing/maintaining the game forces me to invest bigger amounts of money, I most likely would try to get at least these costs covered by donation requests or ingame items (no, nothing gambling like!).

Q: Will Pixel Tennis be like Fantasy Tennis
A: Kind of. The gameplay should feel like the good old FT in most parts. Ball physics should behave pretty similar too. However, it is not planned to make a copy of this game.
Contentwise, Pixel Tennis will be released with a bare minimum at first. There is no other way right now.

Q: I have another question that is not answered here
A: Then do not hesitate to ask it in the forums. I try to reply to it as soon as possible to keep this project transparent.